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Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Design Software

Newswire estimated that the demand for sheet metal in the U.S. alone in 2016 was around $20 billion dollars. This material is used in all kinds of metalworking areas, including automobile and aerospace manufacturing, roofing, and HVAC products. Manufacturing is dependent on on 3D mechanical design software, such as TurboCAD Pro Platinum.

For the past several versions, TurboCAD has included powerful 3D modification tools that are ideally suited to sheet metal design. And with TurboCAD’s broad support of CAD file formats such as STEP, IGES, SAT, and DWG, you can import and further modify existing designs. Once created, sheet metal parts can be exported to a DXF format that can then be used by most CAM software packages for CNC manufacturing.

Tools in TurboCAD that are well-suited to sheet metal product  include Bend and Unbend, Tube Bend and Tube Flange creation, Imprint, Unfold and Tweak Faces, and Hole creation.

The release of TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 has added significant 3D design features, many of which are perfect for sheet metal design. To see some of TurboCAD's Sheet Metal features in action, watch any of the videos below.

IMSI Products for Sheet Metal Design

Wondering what IMSI product is the most suitable for Mechanical Design & Manufacturing? Here it is.

TurboCAD® Pro Platinum - Premium, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017

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Product Info

TurboCAD Pro Platinum is our top-of-the-line, professional 2D/3D CAD application. Access a powerful drafting palette, ACIS® solid modeling, premium photorealistic rendering, advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets, AutoCAD®-like 2D drafting interface options, and extensive file support.


Affordable, Professional 2D/3D CAD Software
TurboCAD Pro Platinum is a brilliant collection of professional 2D/3D CAD tools to design, modify, present, and document in an integrated fashion.  An optional AutoCAD®-like 2D drafting interface with command line and dynamic input cursor helps professionals already familiar with AutoCAD easily get up to speed.   Advanced technology—a powerful drafting palette, D-Cube constraints, and ACIS® engine —enhance productivity.  Advanced architectural and mechanical design tools add even greater flexibility and control, while superior rendering controls produce powerful presentations.  Plus TurboCAD Pro Platinum is programmable and supports over 40 file formats including .DWG, .DXF, .SKP, 3D .PDF, and .STL for 3D printing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Learn and Use with set up wizards, context-sensitive help, snaps, alignment aids, and handle-based editing.
  • AutoCAD®-like 2D drafting interface option with command line and dynamic input cursor.
  • Complete 2D/3D Design Tools for drafting, modeling, modifying, dimensioning and annotation.
  • Surface Modeling Tools like 2D/3D Booleans, extrude, revolve, sweeps, & more.
  • ACIS® 3D Solid Modeling and Advanced Mechanical Design tools to create complex 3D objects.
  • Professional Part Tree that can act like a selective Undo/Redo for all your 2D/3D operations.
  • Powerful Drafting Palette that creates associative sections and cut planes.
  • Advanced Architectural Tools including a greater range of parametric architectural objects, style manager, and IFC support.
  • Superior Photorealistic Rendering, materials, and lighting to create powerful presentations.
  • Dozens of Productivity Tools such as PDF underlay and ePack with New Intelligent File Send.
  • 2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints.
  • Database Connectivity with Customizable Reporting.
  • Point Cloud Support.
  • Programmable with Ruby Scripting or Software Development Kit to create routines, features, & more.
  • Over 40 industry standard CAD & graphic file formats supported to share your work.
  • New Import of TurboApp files from mobile devices.
  • Over 50 new and improved features!


Flexible Licensing Options

Choose from either an annual subscription or a full permanent license.  Network licenses are also available.  Call 1.800.833.8082 or click “contact me” below for help with pre-sales questions.  


Interior Design illustration courtesy of Marián Jurčák, INVENT dizajn. Created in TurboCAD Pro Platinum.