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TurboFloorPlan Mac Feature Comparison

Get a quick overview of TurboCAD Windows features by product level.

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Designer Deluxe Expert Platinum
Price $4999 $14999 $49999 $1,49999
Product Positioning
2D/3D Drafting with Solid and Surface Modeling
2D/3D with 3D Surface Modeling
2D Drafting with AutoCAD®-like User Interface Option
2D Drafting
Usability & Interface
32-bit and 64-bit bit versions
Command Line
Design Director
Draw Order by Layer
Dynamic Input Cursor
Conceptual Selector
Explode Viewports
Explorer Palette
Compass Rose
Image Manager
Intelligent Cursor
Intelligent File Send (E-pack)
Layer preview
Layer Filters
Object SNAP Prioritization
Protractor Tool
Walkthrough navigation
Transparent and Bit-mapped Fills
Contact Manager / File Sharing
View 3D Models
2D Drafting & Editing
2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints
Drafting and Detailing Palette
Advanced Drawing Tools
Line Style Editor
Arrow Line
Hatch Pattern Creator
PDF Underlay Tool
Xclip Support
ISO Circle/Grid
Drawing Compare
2D Drawing, Editing and Modifying
Smart and Quick Dimension Tools
Relative Angle Field
3D Drawing, Modeling & Editing
Assembly Tools
3D Booleans - Add, Subtract, Intersection
3D Helix
3D Polylines
3D Surface Primitives - Box, Cone, Cylinder, Polygonal Prism,
Dynamic UCS
ACIS® Solid Modeling
Pattern Tools
3D Patterns from Compound Profiles
3D Slice by Facet
Bend by Sketch, Patch
Extrude Face Tools
Unbend / Unfold Tools
Wire Wrapping
Tweak Face & Revolve Face
Walls (Self-Healing; Straight, Curved; Block Insert)
Architectural Sections and Elevations
House Builder Wizard
Roof Slab Trim and Miter tools
Simple BIM via IFC Support Limited Limited
Style Manager Limited Limited
Photorealistic Rendering & Visualization
Customizable Luminances and Material Libraries
Visual Styles
Environments Library
Luminance of Objects, Anti-aliasing
Shadow Casting
Hidden Line Rendering
3D Photorealistic Rendering
Advance Rendering
Database & Programmatic Support; Content
Symbols, Part Library
Block attribute definition manager
Block attribute redefinition
Blocks, Block Editor and Xref Support Xref excluded
Internal Database; External Database Connectivity Only Internal
Parametric Parts Editor
Programmable SDK
CTB / STB table files
AutoCAD (DXF, DWG, and DWF) File Compatibility
Export to SVG
Enhanced SketchUp File (SKP) Import
Google Earth (KML and KMZ) File Support
Point Cloud Support (PCD, PCG, XYZ, ASC)
Open and Save 3DM, OBJ, SHX, STP files
TAP File Import
DAE import/export Export Only
Import / Open File Formats 15 21 24 41
Import / Open File Formats 16 23 27 34
File Conversion Tool with Batch File Conversion
Adobe 3D PDF (.U3D and .PRC) Export .U3D only
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*TurboCAD can read and display ADT-compliant objects embedded in DWG files.