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Computer-Aided Machinary (CAM)

Computer Aided Machinary (CAM)

The CAM Plug-in for TurboCAD Pro is a professional solution for 2-1/2D computer aided machining (CAM). The plug-in, in combination with TurboCAD Pro, provides unparalleled flexibility and productivity. Unlike typical solutions in which the design, CAM, and post-processing are in two or even three distinct phases; the CAM plug-in performs all phases with integrated, non-linear associativity.
  • Realtime 2D/3D simulation
  • Extensive Online Help
  • Photorealistic Part rendering
  • Dynamic Tool Creation
  • Tapping Head/Peck Drilling
  • Extensive Tool Database
  • Internal/External Thread milling

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Civil Design Suite

Civil Design Suite

Civil Design Suite for TurboCAD is a plug-in that enhances your TurboCAD 2017 software (Deluxe, Pro, or Platinum versions) with tools for road design and analysis, land surveying and data collection, construction, water and sewer line documentation, map production, storm and sanitary analysis, and much more.
  • Create Surfaces with Points
  • Triangular Network Tools
  • Contours
  • Create Roads
  • Calculate Volume
  • Image Maps
  • Low Cost

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Furniture Maker

TurboCAD Furniture Maker v16 is a plug-in that is more than just furniture creation. TurboCAD Furniture Maker helps you quickly design and edit custom cabinets, shelves, windows and doors, as well as a variety of home and office furniture. TurboCAD Furniture Maker then makes it easy to put your completed symbols into production.
  • DYNALOG Support
  • Symbol Size Configuration
  • Parametric Table Edges
  • Environment Functionality
  • Individual Material Selection
  • Image Maps
  • Improved Ceiling

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