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Civil Design Suite

Civil Design Suite

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Civil Design Suite for TurboCAD is a plug-in that enhances your TurboCAD 2017 software (Deluxe, Pro, or Platinum versions) with tools for road design and analysis, land surveying and data collection, construction, water and sewer line documentation, map production, storm and sanitary analysis, and much more.


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Create Surfaces with Points

Import points using any of the supported CAD and Shape file types, to accurately create surfaces and solids.

Triangular Network Tools

Using the Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) tools to you will be able to filter and optimize your geometry.


Create major and minor contours with elevation data. Define a contour as the line of intersection of a level surface and a ground surface. An example can be of creating contours between solid surface of land and of water surface.

Create Roads

The Road Surface and Corridor tools allow you to create roads and road cross sections. You can add a cut area, fill area or volume in a different capacity to give a realistic feel when building your terrain.

Calculate Volume

The Side Slope tool allows users to calculate the volume between two surfaces. The Civil Design Suite provides an easy-to-use tool to calculate  the volume between two surfaces.

Image Maps

Generate an image map with colors based one elevation, aspect, or slope. Create the image of a map with elevation, slope, aspect, legends with Contours on top; all differentiated by color.

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